Oscar Mellis


was born in Jamaica, but a quick move to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, built him into the artist now known as A-Triggered Soul. Coming from a tight-knit family of five siblings, his oldest brother and mother was a strong influence on him. His mother fueled his passion for choir in both school and church, while his oldest brother’s radio show had him running home to hear some of his inspirations. After moving to New York in 2010, he began taking English and music classes, which introduced him to audio interfaces and songwriting on a deeper level. Success in the
class led to his brother buying the equipment necessary and making their own sounds
at home. His parents always told him to stand out, and that is just what he has done ever since. Utilizing a myriad of influences from Jay Z to Justin Timberlake to Popcaan, A-Triggered Soul’s sound blends the three genres of rap, R&B, and dancehall in a unique way that leads to some of the most infectious sounds to hit this new decade.