About Us 


uniqform nyc llc is a lifestyle brand built on providing high fashion and street style-inspired products to fit your lifestyle. Being the youth-minded and creative generation we are we look for ways to express ourselves and still be able to enjoy what we want to wear. uniqform nyc llc holds a strong understanding of current trends in fashion through daily interactions with our customers. We work hard on every pair of shoes, bag, shirt to make sure they are ready for you to wear whether it's going out to a party or staying at home to relax in.

All About Us

Uniqform is a new online clothing store that provides an opportunity for people to express their individuality. We’re about inspiring people to be who they are and be makers instead of just consumers. Our focus is on providing high-quality custom wearable items for people who want to craft their own identity and not have it dictated by what others expect of them. We want people to be creative regardless of age or style. Be inspired every day by following your dreams and goals by checking out our blog, following us on social media, or shopping online at www.uniqformnyc.com. We believe that the individual is the center of design and art, and that true happiness lies in a well-designed piece of apparel. Born out of personal desires to connect with my peers and fellow creative individuals, uniqform was created to provide an avenue for sharing stories, passions, ideas, and creations through garments. With premium quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and unmatched customer service — we firmly believe that every piece of apparel should be well thought out and conceived by someone who wants to make an impact on their wardrobe in ways they haven't been able to with other brands.



Love It 


Perfect for guys with BIG round heads. This by far is one of the few ninja mask headgear wear, where you can actually pull down the mouth cover under your chin and it doesn't get tight around your cheeks. For guys like me with bigger round heads, it's a blessing. Perfect for ice fishing

Omar James

I bought a few of this t-shirt more than a year ago and absolutely loved the way the fit. And not only that, but they look just as good as they did right out of the package, even after being washed and worn who knows how many times. I’ll never go back to wearing anything else 


So comfy!!

Delightfully soft and good quality. For a t shirt made of cotton or cotton/poly (not of modal or cheap rayon) these definitely have good drape without being clingy.