A-triggeredsoul Season 1: The Journey

Born and brought up in Jamaica, in a tight-knit family of five siblings where my oldest brother and my mother have been a strong influence on my life. Their constant support led me to be the best version of myself. My mother fuelled my passion for choir in school and church with her blessing and support and my brother’s radio show pushed me to run an errand to gain some precious pearls of inspiration from the valuable words of wisdom.

Moving quickly to the streets of Brooklyn, New York in 2010 led me to work hard and build myself into an artist with the title, A- Triggered Soul. This journey of becoming an artist was never easy and was full of hindrances and obstacles but my perseverance and hard work never made me fall back for even a second as I continued to focus on my goal. After shifting to New York I started taking English and music classes where I got introduced to audio interfaces and got a grasp of songwriting on a deeper level. I started meditating, reading books, learned the importance of self-care and self-love while fighting the world each day though not physically but with my mental strength expressing my strong emotions through artwork. I designed merch, drew paintings, and learned to edit my own tunes which helped me discover my true potential. Clearing my classes with flying colors led my brother to get new equipment after which we started making my own tunes at home. I spent most of my time learning and practicing music to gain expertise in the field.

From an early age, I set my foot into the world of entrepreneurship. I began my journey by selling shoes, clothes, etc, and discovered the world of talent at another new level. This is when I started shooting my own videos, editing my vocals, and became a Hip-hop artist. Natural talent doesn’t take you too far in this competitive world of hustle-bustle. So, I persevered and paved my own way for the artist inside me with my determination and indestructible confidence towards self-development and success.

Utilizing a myriad of influences, from gangsta rap to rock to RNB to dancehall, EDM, jazz, poetry, battle rap, etc; A Triggered Soul’s tone blends these styles in a unique and extraordinary way that leads to the composition of some of the most infectious music that hit this new decade leaving behind an ear-worm that one can’t get rid of easily.

My parents always advised me to stand out of the crowd and those words hit me so hard and triggered my soul that I never looked back then. I kept moving forward, breaking all the obstacles that came my way to be the star that shone so bright that it may never lose its light and stay forever in the hearts of people.

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